Healthy Meals Planned For Weight Loss and Sugar Control

Healthy Meals can Make a Difference

Over time have you acquired a few pounds you don’t want or need? Had to buy new clothes to fit your new body?

Don’t Have a Healthy Meal Plan to help you lose some of those unwanted pounds?

Appetizers All Healthy and Delicious

Delicious Healthy Appetizers that promote weight loss!

If you aren’t happy with what is going on with your health and your body, then  you need to keep reading!

Diets and heavy duty exercise aren’t going to get rid of that extra weight.  Want to know the real answer?

I have some surprising news to share.  Eating healthy meals and melting fat isn’t about depriving yourself of delicious foods, counting calories or “burning it off” at the gym.

In fact, it is all but impossible to get the physique you desire with exercise alone without using a Sugar Control Diet.

So how do you burn fat… and keep it off?

By hormonally re-programming your body.   And the best way to do that is with the foods that you include in your healthy meals.

You see, in order to lose just one pound of fat, you need to burn around 3,500 calories.

To put that in perspective, consider this: If you were to run very hard on a treadmill for an hour, you will only burn 500 – 600 calories!

That’s why a recent study found that even with three hours of training each week with an Olympic weight lifting coach and two hours per week with a body -weight circuit trainer, participants in the study who did not control their diet achieved results only slightly better than doing nothing at all.

That’s five grueling hours of exercise … and nearly nothing to show for it!  That is nothing gone….the weight was still there.

The truth is, no matter how hard you exercise, you just can’t out-train a bad diet.

Is There a way to eat Healthy Meals and Lose Weight at the Same Time?

Yes, there IS a permanent solution for fat loss and getting or staying healthy.

It’s not a diet.  And it doesn’t  require spending countless hours at the gym each week.

It’s a lifestyle that is enjoyable, sustainable and satisfying.

You see, contrary to popular belief all calories are not created equal.

That’s because food is much more than just fuel – it is information.  And with each bite you take, you send important messages to your body.  Some foods put your body in “fat storage mode”, causing you to cling to every calorie. Other foods flip your body’s fat blasting switch, allowing you to release pounds of unsightly and dangerous fat – even without breaking into a sweat.

In fact, the food you eat is so powerful that it can even alter your genes!

Fat Burning Brownies

Fat Burning Brownies made our way….not only taste as good as they look, but help flip on that fat burning switch to let you body know that it is Fats time to go!

Unfortunately, most of this life-changing information hasn’t quite made it to prime time yet.

Stifled by “The Deadly Duo” – Big Ag and Big Pharma – the mainstream media still pushes the same old, fatally-flawed advice of counting calories, eating low fat or (worst of all) following  that old USDA diet pyramid.

Not only has this advice NOT worked – it has made the American public fatter and sicker!  I read somewhere that nearly 80% of adults are overweight.  Now I didn’t say obese, I just said overweight for their height, bone structure and age.  And you don’t have to have a doctorate in public health to see that.

In This free book I’m going to send you, you’ll learn how to work with – NOT against – your metabolism by feasting on intelligent ingredients that are really needed in  healthy meals  that will  burn through fat while fighting disease.

You’ll also enjoy REAL foods that taste delicious and leave you feeling energetic. And best of all, you’ll notice rapid and significant changes in your body, your mood and even your complexion as you reduce inflammation and balance your hormones and start losing weight.

My little book is called, Eat Your Way Into Shape and is only our “crash course” in weight loss and healing nutrition.

This book is not a  complete guide to lifelong health and disease prevention,   but it will get you started on the right track.

Today is the day.  You sacrifice no more… the day you train your body to become a finely-tuned fat-burning machine—one delicious bite at a time!

Myself and all the friends at Healing Gourmet are here to encourage you  every step of the way.

If you are also adding fresh foods to your healthy meals, chopping and processing can take up a lot of time .  Take a look at this small hand operated fruit and vegetable processor that saves time and cleanup.  No more “Onion” tears! 

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