Scoliosis Exercises

11311106701_choosing-healthy-foods.jpgThere are several reasons why one must do exercises some of them being the ability to strengthen the muscles. Scoliosis exercises make the patients back muscles strong and adaptable. There are several exercises to help one strengthen the back muscles. Before one engages in any of these back correction exercises, one must first consult with his or her specialist.

For the patients with this type of progressive condition, its wise to take care of the back especially if one is experiencing pains. If a patient feels any pain or discomfort while undergoing the physical activities, he or she must report it to the doctor immediately. After surgery, one is not also supposed to engage in exercises immediately but must wait until the doctor advises so that is around six months after. In a year’s time, the patient is likely to have recovered and to engage well in the exercises that will enhance healing.

These physical exercises include one arm row, Standing Raise, Bent-Over Raise, rear extension, triceps extension, leg and arm extension and upright row.

Now let us analyze the scoliosis exercises one at a time to understand how they work.

Standing raise