Sugar Control With Snacks!

Sugar Control with Snacks To Defeat Type 2 Diabetes

A novel idea, but eating small beautiful meals throughout the day can give you a boost and make a diet something you enjoy.

Beautiful Snacks help Control Blood Sugar

Beautiful Snacks help Control Blood Sugar

Controlling your weight is one of the three best things you can do to beat diabetes to the punch by preventing it and not letting it happen to you.

Type II or 2 diabetes doesn’t just appear overnight. It is something that takes awhile to wear down your body and become a stealthy health thief.

Have you ever noticed that many people who have diabetes also sport a very healthy middle section? In pre diabetes, which is mainly caused by excess weight being added onto your tends to accumulate first into that Big Belly.

While it doesn’t look so great on the outside, what it is doing on the inside is a serious problem.

Diabetes is a Malfunction of the Digestive System

Fat…you’ve grown some extra, and then it begins to accumulate internally, around the pancreas and the liver…both big guys in the digestion and blood sugar control theater.

That fat is part of the Stealthy Murder of your healthy functioning body. When enough is Attached onto your liver and begins to interfere with that Liver Laboratory that manufactures and transforms fats and sugars…and stores some of  them.

When it wraps around your pancreas and makes it become inefficient in producing insulin and other digestive aids: then since you haven’t overburdened your body with a need for energy to exercise…things start to go wrong.

You are already way far down that road to becoming a full blown type 2 diabetic. 90% or more of people who get type 2 diabetes follow this exact road map…

Road Map to Diabetes

Eat the wrong foods, eat to much of them, don’t have a set eating schedule (know some people who only eat one meal a day) and for Gods sake never walk when you can ride everywhere.

Uh Huh.

Second of the three things you can do to become an expert fighter against diabetes is to make sure you move around some each day.
At a minimum walk for 30 minutes each day. All in a one/half hour session.

To Control Sugar and Fight Diabetes 2 Walk every day

To Control Sugar and Fight Diabetes 2 Walk every day

If you can’t walk that long, then start with shorter walks and work up. Maybe do three 10 minute walks until that gets easy, then two 15 minute walks…. you get the idea.

Now with the combination of your all day long snacking diet and some exercise you are on your way.

Third Part of Fighting and Controlling Blood Sugar and Type 2 Diabetes

The third and final piece of this puzzle goes back to the food part. You must have a meal plan…let’s call it.

More like a Meal Schedule, because creating regular times on our daily time wheel is required.

Controlling the calorie count of what you eat is part 1, moving or exercising is part 2. and now down to the nitty gritty.

Definition of nitty–gritty

: what is essential and basic : specific practical details <get down to the nitty–gritty of the problem> Merriam-Webster dictionary

Five or six  snacks or meals or a combination of 3 plush meals and two or three smaller snacks will combine with your part 1 and 2 to make you become your very own ” Get Healthy Expert.”

You do want to prevent diabetes…Right?

There is a Facebook page  called Sugar Control Diet that has more detailed information about that dreaded word “Diet” if you need some help with the calorie counting… think there is a link to a very inexpensive booklet that will teach you all about diabetic exchanges and calories.

Just to keep things hunky dory I’m not prescribing or giving out medical advice…just talking about some of the things I’ve learned from living with type 2 diabetes for over 30 years. You need a physician or caregiver to help you if you have a health problem.

I didn’t have anyone mention to me:
(that if you walk around fat,
sit in an office
to work all day,
then sit and watch TV after dinner and call it a day)
that I was primed and ready to grow a crop of Type 2 Diabetes.

I had it planted and was very diligently growing my crop of type 2 diabetes.
That is how it starts.

Lets get Back to our Fight Diabetes Type 2 Battle Plan.

Part 1. Your physician or care giver will tell you the number of calories you can consume each day in order to start using up some of those stored calories (fat) hanging around in and on your fat belly and butt.

Part 2. Gotta get up and move to make your muscles and bones and cells to use up some of that stored fat. (sorry…that is just the way it is)…AT A MINIMUM WALK 30 MINUTES A DAY

Part 3. Spread that prescribed calorie count out so that you are eating something every 2 to 3 hours…beginning when you get up and spreading it around while you are awake. Last meal is a snack 30 minutes before bedtime.

I didn’t say all day long, because some people sleep in the daytime and work all night long…unfortunate that because it is definitely a negative when it comes to fighting diabetes.

The Reason for all this EATING is to keep your metabolism working from the time you start eating and even after you go to sleep. And it also defeats the bodies normal starvation reaction..

“I don’t have any food, I’d better save this in case I never eat again! Stick some more fat on the belly and butt.”

Enough to get you thinking about type 2 diabetes and the possibility of avoiding it or if you have it, take back your body and soul from a sneaky mean disease.

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